Regular Filter maintenance is essential for fumehoods and extraction equipment to work to their intended performance levels. Filters become blocked over time and they start to become less efficient as they approach their capacity to remove potentially harmful vapours and particles.

Without proper maintenance and service, laboratory workers may end up being exposed to process vapours that over time have the potential to be hazardous to health.

Inertas Ltd can provide filters with many different types of activated carbon filter media, each formulated for a specific application.

  • Solvents, organic and alcohol vapours
  • Acids
  • Iodine and methyl iodide
  • Mercury vapour
  • Ammonia and amines
  • Hydrogen sulphide and mercaptans
  • Cyanide gas
  • Formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde
  • Diethyl ether



Inertas Ltd supply a range of the highest quality gas fittings and regulators available for all your laboratory needs. From basic single stage regulators up to medical grade regulators, flow meters, gauges, and pipework, hose and fittings.

We can provide all the gas equipment you need for your Glovebox or Solvent purification systems.