Glovebox Maintenance

Glovebox Maintenance


Periodic maintenance of your glovebox system is essential to achieve the atmosphere quality that is required for your air-free process or application. Manufacturers state that inert gas atmospheres of <1ppm Oxygen and Water as Moisture are achievable, but this depends on the glovebox system working to its full potential.

Regular maintenance of important glovebox components including Vacuum System, Purification Column media, Solvent Absorption media and Seals/O-rings are essential to keeping your inert atmosphere within specification, and allowing the continuing purification of your inert gas.

Regular calibration/cleaning of Oxygen and Moisture sensors are also crucial in providing the user with accurate qualitative readings, giving confidence that your glovebox atmosphere is satisfactory for you to perform your process within safety and quality tolerances.


Maintenance Plans


Inertas Ltd offer equipment maintenance plans to suit any budget.



System Inspection:

  • Inspect Gloves/Gloveports/Windows
  • Feedthroughs and KF Fittings
  • Working Gas Supply and Pipework
  • Vacuum System Pipework
  • Pressure Decay Test
  • System Functions Check
  • Replacement HEPA Filters
  • Replace Small Antechamber O-Rings
  • Replace Large Antechamber O-Rings



System Inspection as BASIC SERVICE plus:

  • Replacement Copper Catalyst and Molecular Sieves for Purifier Column
  • Replacement Activated Carbon for Organic Vapour Absorber
  • Replacement Activated Carbon/Acidic Vapour Cartridges where fitted.
  • Trim and Calibration of Oxygen Sensors
  • Cleaning of Moisture Probes



Oxygen and Moisture Sensors can drift over time and with prolonged exposure to certain vapours that may be present in a glovebox atmosphere. Inertas Ltd can offer on-site calibration or a quick turnaround off-site calibration service, so your glovebox system will always be giving accurate Oxygen and Moisture readings.

Certificates of Calibration can also be provided on request for quality systems and equipment maintenance records.