Service & Maintenance

Service & Maintenance


Inertas Ltd is happy to offer planned maintenance and managed services, service contracts and visits to all of it’s customers, to avoid costly downtime and to help prolong equipment lifetime.

Services can range from general check overs to more comprehensive servicing, including:

  • Purification column re-charge of New Copper catalyst and Molecular Sieves
  • New O-rings and seals for all applications
  • HEPA Filter change
  • Oxygen analyser calibration
  • Moisture analyser calibration
  • Replacement of Gloveports
  • Replacing Polycarbonate Windows with Safety Glass Windows


We also offer a service for the moving of Glovebox and Vacuum equipment to new locations and the re-commissioning of such equipment.

Training sessions in the use of Glovebox and Solvent Purification Systems and detailed advice on best practice when using these systems is also available.

All Service and Maintenance parts are Original Manufacturers Parts or parts of a higher standard. We are also able to source parts for older systems and offer alternatives where this is not possible.

Please contact us about your servicing requirements.