Solvent Purification

Solvent Purification


A range of Solvent Purification systems are available from Inertas Ltd.

These systems provide users with the best in safety, quality components, and an efficient way to dry and de-oxygenate solvents for their applications. Bulk solvents can be safely stored and de-oxygenated before being dried using a twin column arrangement ready for dispensing.

Considerable volumes of commonly used laboratory solvents can be made anhydrous, making this an extremely cost-effective item of laboratory equipment and a good alternative to expensive bottled anhydrous solvents.

The integrated manifold system facilitates correct air-free solvent dispensing techniques, and allows users to evacuate collection vessels and safely dispense solvents under an inert atmosphere.


System features:

Solvent Purification
  • Colour Coded Solvent Reservoirs
  • Quick Disconnect Fittings
  • Emergency Isolation Valve
  • Gas Manifold with Safety Valve
  • Multi Way Dispensing Valves
  • Solvent Metering Valves
  • Diaphragm Vacuum Pump
  • Flammable Safety Cabinets
  • Twin Drying Columns with 3-way Valves
  • Aluminium Frame with Stainless Steel Solvent Lines



A range of connection and glassware types are available to be used with these systems, which meet customer’s requirements and preferred dispensing techniques.

Many users are now replacing older solvent stills and other distillation equipment with these systems, to meet stricter Health and Safety regulations.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and for information on the range of solvent purification systems.