Inertas Ltd offer a range of Gloveboxes for all production and research applications where air-free atmospheres with low levels of moisture and oxygen are required.

Our glovebox systems use the latest technology in gas purification to achieve outstanding results of <1 ppm O2 and <1 ppm H2O.

System Features:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Pipework & Fittings
  • Chemical Resistant Window
  • Delrin Glove Ports
  • Colour Touchscreen HMI
  • Variable Speed Gas Circulation
  • Automatic Pressure Control
  • Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump
  • Gas and Vacuum Pedals
  • Automatic Column Valves

System Options

Our gloveboxes are modular in design, allowing for the expansion of existing systems and can include a range of features.

Options include:

  • Oxygen & Moisture Analysers
  • Cold Storage Freezers - for temperature sensitive materials
  • Cold Wells - for low temperature synthesis
  • Automatic Purge Feature
  • Automatic Antechamber Cycling
  • Solvent Removal Systems - to trap out organic vapours
  • Glovebox Cooling - to maintain working temperatures
  • Vacuum Ovens & Furnaces - bake out water/volatiles from materials
Cold Well
Cold Well
Spin Coater
Spin Coater

System Integration

Our gloveboxes can be integrated with a multitude of other laboratory and industrial systems to provide an inert atmosphere for many high technology applications.

  • Thin Film Evaporators & Sputtering Systems
  • Solvent Purification Systems
  • Solar Simulators
  • Video Microscopes
  • Specialist Welding Equipment
  • Spin Coaters


Glovebox systems can be designed and supplied for many applications. From research in Technical Universities, to larger more complex systems supplied to Fine Chemicals, OLED, Lithium Ion Battery, Thin Film, Aerospace, Additive Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical industries and many more.


Please contact us to discuss your planned applications and requirements and for technical details about Glovebox systems.